Consider the texture and consistency of food.
  • Incorporate foods with a high liquid content into the preparations, such as purees and creams of vegetables, soups, puddings, fruit purees, custards, milkshakes, jellies or yogurts.
  • Prioritize: rice, pasta and well-cooked vegetables; fresh, soft or creamy cheeses; vegetables, not fibrous and very cooked; most fish; tortillas and scrambled eggs; some tender meats, such as shredded chicken leg, stewed meat, puddings or meat pies; ripe and soft fruits, cooked or in syrup.
  • Adding sauces to some drier preparations, such as béchamels, vinaigrettes, light mayonnaise, etc.
  • Avoid thick, doughy, dry and fibrous foods, such as bread, some meats
    grilled, very thick mashed potatoes, etc.